Keep your eyes open for Workshops and Events…

Workshops and Events are wonderful ways of having a taste of my approaches, methodologies and getting to know me, my environment and beginning a journey together towards a happier, healthier and enriching lifestyle…


Workshops are organised from month to month and sometimes on request by participant feedback.

Times and duration may change according to the theme, please consult the Calendar.

Themes and Concepts:

• Self Esteem

• Conflict (at home and at work)

• Mindful Eating

• Self Care

• Mindful walking

• Stress reduction

• Meditation

• Mindful Dancing

• Emotional patterns

• Communication; selftalk and expression

• Responsibility

• Anger, Fear and Reactions

• Thoughts vs Reality

• Acceptance

• Silent practice


Workshops often last the entire morning or sometimes a day, so keep your eyes on the Calendar for updates.