Mindfulness in school project (MiSP)

Mindfulness in schools is not just about children and young people; it is also very much about those who care for them.

The benefits of mindfulness in the adult world are well-researched and the positive impact it can have on teachers, counsellors and carers is central to MiSP’s vision:

• Wellbeing

• Self Compassion

• Sustained attention

• Emotional regulation

• Teacher efficacy

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Since MiSP was first established in 2007, a number of studies have been conducted on the effects of its programmes on students and teachers.

The Strongest Impact shows:


• child and adolescent depression

• anxiety and stress

• problem behavioural tendencies

• agression



• Classroom environment

• Executive functioning

• Caring and Compassion

• Emotional Self-regulation

• Social and emotional skills

• Cognitive processing

• Scholastic success



• Staff and Teachers; An eight-week course where the fundamentals of Mindfulness are taught, experienced and embodied, not only to benefit the teaching efficacy but also to create the environment for the children and accompany them on their journey.

• Children from ages 7-11; consists of six 1 hour lessons or twelve 30 minute lessons.

• Children from ages 11-18; consists of ten 40 minute lessons.

The Courses are within the school environment and are studied specifically according to the age group.