My studio is open to anyone…

who wishes to venture on a Self Awareness journey such as mine, where acknowledgment of a deeper understanding of ones own personal experiences and potential can bring greater joy, peace, acceptance and happiness.

Personalised Approaches for:

• Stress relief

• Self Esteem

• Emotional Support

• Parenting

• Life changing Experiences

• Learning abilities

• Personal Growth

• Relationships

• Developmental Guidance

• Behavioural Attitudes

• Self Awareness

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All approaches are tailored to your needs and for those who wish to:

• Learn new coping skills for support and guidance during times of difficulty

• Deepen their self awareness both psychologically and spiritually

• Acquire strategies to help maintain a personal balanced lifestyle

• Learn to see life’s ups and downs from a different perspective

• Obtain more emotional awareness and self control

• Develop a sense of freedom of choice in situations, relationships and environment

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