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My gift to you…

A Unique Collection of Mindful Lifetime Learning Lessons.

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A Luxury Limited Edition with 52 specific exercises in a practical bundle, which you can practice wherever and whenever you wish. Complete with explanations, instructions, personal reflections and advice included inside the book. Each card contains the awareness needed to deepen your personal daily activities ranging from work, family, leisure and free time. This ‘Gift Box’ is an ideal means of fulfilling personal goals for Happiness Contentment and Peace, allowing personal growth to flourish, whilst leaving space for self freedom. The Perfect Gift for yourself and for those you care about. So if you are reading this… it’s probably the right moment, so Choose a Card, Understand it, Live it, Believe in it and most of all Embrace it and make it Yours!!

The reason I have written these cards and book, is by no means to persuade you to follow it as a ‘rule’ of how to live your life, or to take my words for the exact truth. This is MY truth and a vast collection of many thoughts, books, ideas, methods that helped me in what I consider a huge turning point in my life. This collection of ‘helping hands’ led me to peace, compassion, awareness and acceptance and what ‘I’ consider, is a deeper understanding of what life is all about and why we do the things we do.

These cards that I have created, are a means of allowing some ‘helping hands’ to guide those of you who wish to start an awareness journey, such as mine.

I truly hope you receive them as they had been given to me and now, from the heart I give them to you.

May your journey bring you Light, Love and Happiness…


How to use the cards:

• The cards are in no particular order

• They have been divided into 4 groups to facilitate choice; Emotions, Expressions, the Self and Motivations

• Some cards may and do interact with each other, as do the 4 groups

• All of the cards and exercises come from my personal experience, which means they worked for me, ALL of them

• All of the cards may not be for everyone, choose what works for you and use it to its fullest

• The cards ONLY ‘work’ if great attention is taken to the card and time is spent practising its exercise

• It is not enough to just understand them, they must be experienced and embodied into your lives step by step

• There is no specific length of time as to how long it takes for a card to ‘work’, some happen quickly, some take longer, some continue for a life time

• You may need to go back and start again on an exercise if it doesn’t feel ’comfortable’ the first time

• Some cards may be relevant at different moments of your life, so returning to have a peak at a card, that may not have seemed relevant at the first read, may do so at a later date

• For the cards to be a helping hand, you need to open up to them and trust them

• The intention you have is fundamental, believe in them and most of all, yourself


Always do your best the Universe will do the rest…

Have a Beautiful Journey…